Online Marketing

Our growing team of SEO professionals have the expertise, experience and proven results to support any organisation across a multitude of industries

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization

  1. We analyze your website over a period of 2 months minimum, if you do not have a website then this step does not apply to you; this is only for businesses that have a pre-existing website when they hire us
  2. We analyze your competitors’ websites to see what white hat SEO methods they are using and perhaps utilize some of their ideas on your website, if we think they are effective and not breaking any rules
  3. We install analysis software on your website, such as Google Analytics and other tools to track its progress
  4. We do key phrase research to figure out the best key phrases to target with each page of your website
  5. We re-write the content of each page of your website so that it is both reader friendly and search engine friendly, without being spam
  6. Your meta tags are carefully fine-tuned to target a specific topic for each page of your website
  7. We write content for your blog to draw in quality links and or bookmarks
  8. We make sure your internal linking structure is as effective as possible
  9. Install XML site maps and user site maps
  10. Optimize the code of your website so it loads fast and is setup the most efficient way for search engine indexin
  11. All images are optimize and any compression is applies as needed

On-Site SEO Strategy

Web Research Includes:

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Page-by-page Evaluation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Blog marketing
  • Print Ads / Magazine
  • Banners

SEO Strategy Includes:

  • Writing content to optimise key word density
  • Update meta tags for Search Engine Titles and Descriptions
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Bing-Yahoo Webmaster Tools
  • Sitemap Creation

Implement the SEO Strategy

  • Installing Webmaster Tools and Robots.txt
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Remove Current Website Errors
  • Adding Image Tags, Internal Links, Meta Tags, Title Tags
  • Adding Heading Tags – H1, H2, H3, H4, H5
  • Increasing Website Speed, HTML optimisation
  • Rewriting URL’s to make them Search Engine Friendly
  • Image Optimisation
  • Creating Social Bookmarking Accounts

Off-Site SEO Strategy

Strategy TO optimising the content:

  • Changing Headings and Meta Tags
  • Updating Content
  • Creating Blog Posts (If Applicable)
  • Writing Articles and External Blog Posts to Submit around the web

Organic Link Building Strategy

  • Social Bookmarks
  • Article Directories and Submission
  • Internet advertising
  • Press Release Submission
  • Web and Business Directory Submission

Support and Maintenance Services:

  • Sitemap Update
  • Keyword Changes
  • Campaign Upgrades
  • Analytics and Traffic Analysis
  • Other online strategies and suggestions

SEO Report Includes:

  • Current Search Engine Positions comparing to the previous month
  • Analytics and Traffic Analysis
  • Ranking Defence Plan